Charlotte 2010
Antique Radio Conference
This page was last updated: April 24, 2010
~ ~ Hosted by the Carolinas Chapter of the AWA ~ ~
Thursday, Friday & Saturday March, 25-26-27, 2010
Conference wrap-up & report
Ernie's passion was for collecting the rarest early radio equipment in the most
pristine condition.
The DeForest 15 Panel set shown above is just one example of the incredible museum grade radios that where sold in the estate auction of his collection
The photo below is of Ernie just after he bought the DeForest 15 Panel at the 2000 Charlotte show and how looked when it was sold for $11,000.00. The total of the estate items sold amounted to right at $100,000.00.
There will be a complete list of all auction items and their high bid amounts as soon as the final accounting os done.
You can see photos of the items from Erine's collection by clicking on the button below.
If you have any questions please contact Ron Lawrence W4RON, Conference Chairman
704-289-1166 or
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Old Equipment Contest
Registration in hotel lobby
Ludwell Sibley & Phil Taylor at TCA meeting.
Checking out the goodies at the TCA meeting
Lining up for the LeMans Start Friday morning
Some of the goodies spotted in the Flea Market
Contest and Auction reports coming soon.
The photos above were taken by
Bengt Svensson from Sweden.
Friday General Auction
List in Word format
Hite Estate Auction
List in Word format